Company Schöneweiss & Co. GmbH belongs to the worldwide operating CIE Automotive.
In the technology of hot forging, the group has a total of 18 worldwide operations.
We have specialized in closed die forgings for safety critical applications and with complex designs. For the Truck Industry and for parts with special requirements we are a strong partner to our customers. In applications with high requirements when optimized design, ideal grain flow and highest quality are mandatory, our components are performing with perfect function, durability and robustness.


  • team oriented
  • professional
  • reliable
  • high quality
  • flexible and customer oriented




Company Schöneweiss & Co. GmbH does not only meet all quality specifications and requirements from our customers but we also develop our own quality restrictions in all areas continuously. Main asset for the implementation is a team of experienced professional people and the identification of the people with the product and processes.

Our quality management system is certified IATF 16949 and guarantees an overall planning, assurance, analysis and optimization of all business and production processes from the request of quotation through the delivery of the product. Meeting the customer and legal requirements as well as the own defined additional restrictions that define our Brand are mandatory. Our products and processes and their risks are continuously monitored and documented. The production processes is monitored by innovative and State of the Art inspections and methods. Systematically defined and frozen procedures in the laboratory, receiving, production and final inspection guarantee maximized safety and highest quality.


Schöneweiss & Co. GmbH
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